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KAOS KIA is a two day exhibition and multimedia art event called KAOS KIA by Giek_1 and Myen featuring performances installation work, visual art, sculptures and multimedia pieces all focused on topics of healing, cybernetic ritualism, mythology, New World building and Chaos Magick. 
The first event took place at Slug gallery Leipzig.

An epidermal shift, a quake on the surface reveals a forthcoming event. A fissure in time, dilating a vacuum within an alabaster casket, manifested on a black beach. Current temperature is at - 36°C and its getting colder. Spiral punctures in the slush, filling itself up after only split-seconds of time. Followed by organic, deep humming rising up from the depths of the icy morass. Plurality. All devices shut down. We wear protecting suits that keep our cells from aging too fast. The dilation led to time storms that altered our perception. We are all marked by a schizotechnic death-cult lifestyle.

Symbols and sounds can function as signal-transmitters for techno-magical operations and are capable of evoking and manifesting personal hyperstitions in ritualistic practices. Fiction itself gives birth to reality. Chaos is the most fertile soil for the rhizome of new creation.

Passing through the eye of the needle. First Initiation:
Collective exhaustion to gain access to the no-mind passage. Excitatory Gnosis describes a mindlessness reached through intense arousal. It is aimed to be reached through excessive dance, drumming, chanting and sensory overload in all areas. A state, in which the magician forgets about worries and everyday thoughts at least for a short amount of time to make the consciousness briefly "blink".

Second Initiation: Kintsugi, the wound repairing state. Golden fluid slowly fills up the crevices and reassembles the shards to a joined plurality of wounds. What was once festering is now building up a membrane of crystalline crust enabling a refraction of multiple light sources. All we'll see is an octagon of warm light protecting our body. Chaos is sometimes closer to a new beginning than we think.