Upcoming Giekgigs

(T.B.A: in the weekend of 9 till 12 March) 'OWN REALITY' at NDSM Amsterdam (NL)
(T.B.A.) 'KYBALION the Musical' extracts and improvisations at 'RECLAIMING THE CHURCH' Zwoelf Apostel church Berlin (DE) 

Past Giekgigs

10.01.2022 'OWN REALITY' at Lindenow festival Leipzig (DE)
09.24.2022 Tarot readings at Greetings festival Zeitz (DE) 
09.03.2022 'OWN REALITY' at Tarmac festival Flugplatz Allstedt (DE) 
07.29.2022 'OWN REALITY' at Madam Claude Berlin (DE) 
07.22.2022 'KYBALION the Musical'+improvisation
St.-Martin-Kirche Potshausen (DE) 
07.15.2022 'OWN REALITY' at Apeculiaris Nox Zurich (CH)  

20.06.2022 'OWN REALITY' at Burg party t.RAUM.a Halle (DE)  

05.28.2022 Secret rave Leipzig

04.11.2022 'KYBALION the Musical' at KAOS KIA Slug galery Leipzig

04.10.2022 'OWN REALITY' at KAOS KIA Slug galery Leipzig


11.27.2021 Bewegung als Denke Berlin [POSTPONED]
11.25.2021 Ma3azef radio
10.02.2021 Femnoise Festival
10.01.2021 Femnoise Festival
09.24.2021 Neustadt Artfestival Dresden
09.05.2021 mental portals 2.0 chemiefabrik dresden
08.17.2021 Hitness Club leipzig

09.26.2020 Allée Rentrée Festival 2020
09.11.2020 GOGBOT festival
07.16.2020 With STONE ORGY at WU Eindhoven
07.04.2020 SO LIVE SESSIONS stream
06.02.2020 Global Lab for Climate Resilience LEF Rijkswaterstaat
(Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management)
04.22.2020 With STONE ORGY at WTF Queer Vrankrijk Amsterdam [cancelled]
04.17.2020 Bec plexus release party de school amsterdam [cancelled]
03.14.2020 Quarantine Rave NOT CANCELLED (online)

12.14.2019 Garage Rotterdam with Soul Vennux STONE ORGY
09.19.2019 Cinetol Amsterdam
09.18.2019 Amsterdamse popprijs Cinetol
07.27.2019 Vondelbunker Amsterdam 
05.30.2019 Fiber Coding Lab Amsterdam [result of a week of experimentation]
05.17.2019 Queer is not a label Paris
01.18.2019 Lost and found Amsterdam
01.12.2019 With the Jazzorchestra of the concertbuilding Paradiso Noord Amsterdam
01.11.2019 With the Jazzorchestra of the concertbuilding Podium Mozaïek Amsterdam
01.05.2019 Q's best Finals Q factory Amsterdam

29.12.2018 Q's best Q factory Amsterdam
10.10.2018 Support for Negative Gemini at Sugarfactory // Subbacultcha
09.19.2018 Vrankrijk Amsterdam
09.13.2018 Paradiso x Moam Amsterdam
08.18.2018 Pluk de nacht festival Amsterdam
02.23.2018 Chainsclub Hamburg
01.20.2018 Much fame, very party Panke Berlin

07.29.2017 Milkshake Festival Amsterdam
07.22.2017 Lost on the internet ~EP release Giek_1 w/ LYZZA, EYCEE OT301 Amsterdam
05.27.2017 Queens of the industry KOTI Rotterdam
04.21.2017 Telemagic: Midnight TELEShopping  Para-Tech-Fair
03.18.2017 Cyber-sensuality // NXS the release event