Channeling the Universe into art and guidance

Giek (Stephanie Smit) is an interdisciplinary artist educated in theater, experienced in comedy, a self-taught singer, music producer, playwriter, theater maker, poet, intuitive dancer, visual artist, zero-waste fashion designer, psychic and astrologer expanding in different fields.
With her art and performances she addressed topics like self destruction, addiction and duality but also about finding back the self, spiritual awakening and about the power of creating your own reality.

She uses her intuition and mastery in the ancient Hermetic teachings to guide others with tarot, astrology, transmutational work, energy healing, spiritualism and occultism; specializing in finding one's life purpose. 

Because of her turbulent past, she gained a lot of knowledge about healing the soul and developed herself in trauma processing and breaking through patterns.

With these powerful tools she is able to bring about a shift in consciousness in the audience and the people she works with.
All aligned with current changes in the world and humankind.

She worked with LEF Future Center Rijkswaterstaat, the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and Choreographic Codinglab with Fiber, ICK, Motion bank and Dansmakers. 
Currently, next to playing her immersive audio/visual liveshow ‘OWN REALITY’ she is working on a big release in March 2023 for her EP 'OFF THE REALITY' together with her 2 zero-waste fashion lines under the name 'GIEKONSTRUCT'.
She is also finishing a funded classical influenced experimental pop album about the power of self love which will be released and showcased during her weekend exhibition 'KAOS KIA' at Slug gallery Leipzig in May 2023 where there is an emphasis on healing and New World building in a collaborative way. 
She has been working on a full length theater play ‘KYBALION the Musical’; a fairytale addressing the laws of the Universe. 
And recently she started the project 'RECLAIMING THE CHURCH' together with Abbess NuN to reignite your inner Goddess and change the energy in different churches. 

Learn more in the extended bio or have a look at the selected works.

Funded by

Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen: Gastspielfoerderung (2022) for her liveshow 'OWN REALITY' at KAOS KIA Slug gallery Leipzig.

SENA: Music Production (2021) for her album 'SPREAD MY WINGS' about the power of self love.

Fonds Podiumkunsten: Work Contribution Music Authors (2020) for her album 'SPREAD MY WINGS' about the power of self love.

VSB Fonds: during the crowfunding for the album and theatershow by 'Kots' (2015).